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Floodlight Dashboard Walkthrough

Floodlight for Hospitality is designed to remove relying on guess work and intuition - and get you away from crunching numbers and back doing what you love

Citrix Synergy TV - SYN712 - Analysis of a hack: how to defend and protect with Citrix

Security is a topic that should be on everyone’s agenda: your systems, data, identity and IP are at risk. Even doing the right things doesn’t mean they’re implemented in the best way. Learn how to protect against hackers, by understanding how hackers think and operate. This session will present the analysis of a fictional attack where hackers managed to capture credentials, harvest password hashes, get elevated to administrator and bypass multifactor authentication. This session will use demos and cover interesting technologies the hackers used such as a USB device that emulates a keyboard, GPU technology to crack hashes and smart card emulators with highly sensitive antennas to show how it can happen to your organization without the proper defense in place.

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